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The little School of Metairie
Messy Monkeys messy monkeys 2 year olds
Lively Leopard Lively leopards 3 year olds
Zippy Zebras zippy zebras older 3 year olds
Giant Giraffes giant giraffes 4-5 year olds

All Classes
The Little School has four classes accommodating children ages 2 through 5 years of age. Our curriculum is based on a hands-on approach believing all children learn by doing. Our art projects, circle time, story time, and math experiences all relate to the topic of the day. Each morning begins with free play in our tree shaded park like yard. In this beautiful setting our children are always engaged in fun activities such as climbing on several wooden gym structures, riding bikes, digging in the sandbox and swinging on our tire swing. In addition to gross motor activities they are also involved in imaginative play, arts and crafts and tending to our vegetable garden. Our classroom programs are also enriched with body movement, music, and chapel each week.

Body movement is a great experience for all of the children. In each class, besides stretching and moving, the children learn to follow verbal directions and take turns while gaining physical dexterity and develop hand-eye coordination. We move through obstacle courses, kick soccer balls, play parachute games and throw balls through hoops. We walk on balance beams, skip, hop and often freeze when the music stops, all being great fun while teaching children to lengthen their impulse control. Some other examples of what occur are walking tall like giraffes or “slithering” low like snakes always expanding vocabulary as we play.

body movement class body movement class body movement class

We begin music each week singing our group of Little School songs. The children love to sing and dance around, often playing their own instruments following the beat of the music. Throughout the year we learn lots of seasonal songs. We perform songs for the parents during our Pow-Wow in November and at our closing program in May. Musically inclined parents are always encouraged to share their talents with the school during music.

music class music class music class

Our Chapel service with Fr. Devall is a simple service consisting of an opening prayer, a children’s creed and a bible story along with our chapel songs. The children take turns throughout the year serving as acolytes by carrying the cross into chapel and lighting and extinguishing the candles. All of our birthdays are celebrated in chapel with a birthday blessing and, of course, the singing of Happy Birthday. Parents are always welcome to attend our chapel services.

chapel chapel

Our garden is available for all children to help plant, water and nurture our plants. They learn that gardens take care and work to produce results. We have planted seeds of carrots, two kinds of beans, broccoli and strawberry plants. It is such fun when, to our surprise, a carrot appears from the end of those greens growing in our garden or a red strawberry emerges. The children all have an opportunity to taste the fruits of their work if they would like.

garden garden garden picking

St. Martin's Episcopal Church