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The little School of Metairie
Messy Monkeys messy monkeys 2 year olds messy monkeys 2 year olds
Lively Leopard Lively leopards 3 year olds
Zippy Zebras zippy zebras older 3 year olds
Giant Giraffes giant giraffes 4-5 year olds
Giant Giraffes (4-5 year olds)
The children in our Giant Giraffe class are four year olds turning five during the school year or in the summer after school. This class has a 1:10 teacher/child ratio. The children in this class will have many free choice opportunities in addition to many teacher directed activities. These activities help to develop fine motor skills as well as following directions and establishing good work habits. The small size of our class allows very individualized attention. During group time the children are exposed to many large numbers as they work on their one hundredth day chart. In addition to calculating which numbers come next the children also use the chart to practice counting by fives and tens. This activity of course culminates in a party when that magical hundredth day is finally reached.
The children in this class also work on many fine motor skills and visual perception skills by tracing, cutting, writing their names and learning sign language. Alphabet is introduced each week with a puppet story. Each story contains many words with that letter so the children may hear and begin identifying each sound. There are many art activities, building opportunities, books and computer games that complete the full experience in this class. One exciting unit this class enjoys is reproducing the works of some great artist. The children make their own Monet’s, Van Gogh’s, Seurat’s and Matisse. This unit is always concluded with a trip to the New Orleans Museum of Art to see how our works compare. The children in this class are always becoming more independent and are encouraged to take on leadership roles in the school.

4 year old painting boys playing
girls playing project

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