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The little School of Metairie
Messy Monkeys messy monkeys 2 year olds
Lively Leopard Lively leopards 3 year olds
Zippy Zebras zippy zebras older 3 year olds
Giant Giraffes giant giraffes 4-5 year olds
Lively Leopards (3 years)
The children in our Lively Leopard class are our younger three year olds. These children turn three by the middle of each school year. This class is available five days a week with a 1:8 teacher/child ratio. This class begins each day with circle time where they learn numbers, days of the week and months, along with discussions about the weather. Each child has an opportunity to come before the class to share a story they would like to tell, helping to build confidence and strengthen language development. The children are always working to become more responsible and independent by following the routine of the day, putting things in their cubbies, washing hands and putting away toys.
During free choice time the children engage in imaginative play in dress-ups, solve puzzles, enjoy books, complete many art projects as well as play with an assortment of manipulatives. They cover many units throughout the year such as shapes, colors, numbers and the letters. The children use a variety of art instruments including markers, crayons, scissors and play dough to help strength hand muscles necessary before writing skills may fully develop.

3 year old 2 year olds in car
3 year olds playing 3 year olds puppet show

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