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The little School of Metairie
Messy Monkeys messy monkeys 2 year olds
Lively Leopard Lively leopards 3 year olds
Zippy Zebras zippy zebras older 3 year olds
Giant Giraffes giant giraffes 4-5 year olds
Messy Monkeys (2 years)
The children that qualify for our Two Year Old “Messy Monkeys” class must turn two no later than August 31st. This program is available three or five days a week with a 1:6 teacher/child ratio. In addition to our fun story time and art projects our children are taught to become more independent by finding their own cubbies, washing their hands and putting away toys. Each day the children have a period of free choice time in the classroom where they may play in dress-ups, build with various blocks or legos, play with trucks, draw with chalk or dance around to fun music. The children also are exposed to many different art and craft activities. This is an important time for the children to have an opportunity to explore new toys or puzzles while learning to share and fostering language development in a safe and nurturing environment.
2 year olds 2 year old
2 year olds 2 year olds

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