The Little School Location
The little School of Metairie

Special Events

The Little School has many special events that occur throughout the school year. Some of these events are with the wonderful help and support of our parents.

Pumpkin Patch Visit
Each year the St. Martin’s Episcopal Church has a pumpkin sale in October. It is great fun to visit and be among so many huge pumpkins and then select their own pumpkin to take home or for decorating. This is also a great photo opportunity for wonderful pictures.


Halloween party
All of our classes participate in our Halloween Party chaired by our parents each year. The parents transform our parish hall into a somewhat spooky place and most of our helpers at the party appear to be friendly witches. The party participants while wearing their costumes go from booth to booth trick or treating for tasty treats or indulging in arts and crafts and games. It is always great fun.

halloween party trick or treat pumpkin patch decorating

The pow-wow is one of the highlights of the year. All parents, grandparents and siblings are welcome as we sit around a camp fire in our yard. We have a short chapel service and then sing our many Thanksgiving songs and share the food that the classes help prepare. We are of course in proper Pilgrim and Indian attire created by the children.

Christmas Party
Our Christmas Party like our Halloween party is chaired by our parents. The room is festive with lots of decorations and we always have a very special visitor. That’s right Santa comes every year for the fun. We have lots of games, arts and crafts, and we even have special reindeer food for the children to take hope so Santa’s reindeer can make the whole journey.
visting with santa frosty decorating my snowman

Mardi Gras Parade

Our parade in parish hall is for all parents, grandparents and siblings. You are sure to catch many beads at this event from our costumed children from all classes. It is with great delight that they have an opportunity to throw beads to people or to just keep them for themselves.
little perade little perade happy mardi gras

St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day is always wonderful at The Little School. Our mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun, leaves his home in our tree and causes havoc throughout the school. He typically leaves tiny green footprints on the floor, turns our drinking water green and often turns chairs or papers upside down. If you are lucky, and most children are, you will find a gold coin or nugget that he has left behind.

Easter Egg Hunt
On our last day of school before Easter break, our classes all enjoy an Easter egg hunt in our spacious school yard. Candied eggs are hidden throughout the school yard and the children run from place to place gathering as many eggs as they can find. In the two year old yard, sometimes they just look at the candy not sure if it is for them or how it got there. Soon, however, they figure out the whole process.

Zoo-2-U Visit
Each spring the Little School children get a visit from Zoo-2-U. They come to our very own school yard with an array of animals that the children get to pet or hold. They often have goats, chickens, sheep, piglets, rabbits, tortoises and one time even a baby kangaroo. The children love an opportunity to learn about and touch all of these
different animals.

Community Helpers
During our study of community helpers, we always enjoy a visit to the Fire station. In addition to the great excitement of the visit, the children always learn about calling 911, Stop, Drop and Roll and to never hiding during a fire. The children get to sit in the fire engine and sometimes hold the fire hose or hear the siren and are given books about fire safety.

An ambulance visit is another part of our community helpers study. The EMT’s show us the inside of an ambulance and explain how many of their devices are used. We learn how cars need to pull over and let an ambulance go by when the siren is blaring. The children often ask the EMT’s many questions and sometimes get to sit on a stretcher and listen to calls coming over their radio. It is always fun.
Closing Program
Our closing program is the culmination of a wonderful year. All classes, parents and grandparents gather in the church for our closing performance. We sing songs learned throughout the year, have a sample chapel service for the parents and wish those moving on to “Big School” great success. This is followed with refreshments for all to enjoy.

St. Martin's Episcopal Church