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The little School of Metairie
Messy Monkeys messy monkeys 2 year olds messy monkeys 2 year olds
Lively Leopard Lively leopards 3 year olds
Zippy Zebras zippy zebras older 3 year olds
Giant Giraffes giant giraffes 4-5 year olds
Zippy Zebras (older 3 year olds)
The children in our zippy zebra class are our older three year olds. These children turn four later in the school year. This class is available five days a week with a 1:9 teacher/child ratio. The day begins with group time, where the children learn numbers, days and months while updating the calendar each day. Group time also enhances language development, lengthens attention span and develops listening skills. Next, is story time where a story is read pertaining to the unit of the day. The class covers many units during the school year including family, community helpers, the five senses, magnets, space, shapes, numbers and many other topics.
The children have many different centers available for free choice. The shelf toys, such as blocks, trains and tracks or building toys help to develop perceptual skills, eye-hand coordination, sharing, spatial concepts and creativity. Other centers, like the housekeeping area stimulates imagination while manipulatives, puzzles, sorting and number and letter recognition develop cognitive skills. There is an art center with a variety of materials available for the development of fine motor skills and creativity. Because we value learning through hands on experiences there is also a sensory table and a science table where the children are free to explore and experiment with the many different materials. A book corner and the listening center complete the learning experience.

3 year old in sand box
story time 3 year olds

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